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02 Disyembre 2011

My Life as a Poser

I have a Grindr account. I put my best most recent photograph on it and update it everyday. I get a few comments now and then, but ive only met 2 people in my entire stay; and no sex, no 2nd dates. (although I'd love to)

One day, this schmück with a torso pic messaged me after I said hi or hoy, a typo:

I was devastated. I always thought i was less attractive; but I believed what my friends keep telling me: "IT'S THE PERSONALITY THAT COUNTS, GOOEY"

And I believed that. I get loads of friends with that belief. FRIENDS, YES. BOYFRIENDS, NO.

Apparently, still, and it is a rule of engagement in the animal kingdom to look attractive for you to gain a mate.

Walang hayop sa balat ng lupa ang magsasabi ng katulad ng kanta ni Andrew E. Na HUMANAP KA NG PANGET. E putangina naman e, si Andrew E hindi naman panget ang napangasawa, lahat ng kanta niya tungkol sa magaganda at seksing babae e. Niloloko nyo lang ako e.

Everything started flooding back; I was in Bulacan all over again, felt ugly and unwanted and all that shit; I felt like killing myself and all the response I ever got was, "You're so nega."

I closed down my own Grindr account.
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